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  • There are no liabilities held by any of the employees working with Medicine24h regarding any purchase which is made from the website.
  • A buyer should consult a General Physician before buying any medicine available at Medicine24h online. It is important to have full disclosure with your doctor so that they can put you on a better and the most effective medication. This ensures the safety of the buyer.
  • The pictures available on the website regarding a certain product is for reference purpose and may differ from product to product in person.
  • The price mentioned on the website is in United States Dollars.
  • The price mentioned below every product may change from time to time at the discretion of the seller.
  • Medicine24h reserves the right to cancel an order as well as refuse custom to any buyer without having to give a prior notice to do the same. In case, the buyer has already placed the order, a full refund is made by our team.
  • The product information provided on each medicine is highly generic in nature and for anyone to take these medicines, it is important to consult a doctor before commencing or purchasing these products.

Medicine24h offer ultimate confidentiality to all the clients by protecting each one of your privacy. The only information that we utilize is by providing our customers with the most suitable experience that they can get.

Each buyer who purchases medicine from our website is encouraged to sign up their own account with the name and email address. The account will also have the shipping address saved along with the payment method selected by the buyer.

At the time of signing up, the account is verified by sending a confirmation mail on the given email address.

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